Call it curiosity, love for our family recipes or just wanting to pass this family tradition to my kids. This part of our life is where the story began, and we had no idea.

You would think that my first dessert was a tres leches, but no, it was Dulce de Leche, and the reason is that this dulce de leche its really to die for! It only took one try because I was so aware of what we where doing that I actually took notes with my heart and my stomach (So i would never forget).

So what it’s so special about this arequipe, dulce de leche or cajeta (what ever works for you),it has the perfect balance between sweet and texture (I’m trying to do my describe it) and it has a soft, crumbly texture, with an almost crystallized form. About the ingredients, they are all fresh.

What can you do with Dulce de Leche? Well first make it the best topping for our famous tres leches (So it becomes a cuatro (4) leches. Also use it with brownies, cookies, chakes, churros, alfajores… Y favorte? Only with the spoon.

I think I have your attention, so order yours here.

Remember we only deliver in South Florida (For now).

La 3 Lecheria